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Theory of the Pixar Universe by John Negroni [detailed version]

Previously: Disney Movies in Disney Movies

Holy shit


I’ll stay with you.


*wakes you up in the middle of the night* look at this it’s important

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  1. Littles do not belong to you unless you are their Dom(me), and you will not treat them as such.
  2. Littles are little. This does not mean they are unintelligent.
  3. All littles feel bonded to others through their mutual understanding and likes.
  4. This means that littles have…

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Hallo! I'm a 19 year old little. I'm in a relationship with Boy and I'm one happy little bear that you guys should definitely talk to! :3------------------------ddlg/kink*/cute/NSFW18+*---------------
Me c: ---------------------------------------

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